Wk 2 – Art Experience – Aaron Dela Rosa

Mona Hatoum’s & Anish Kapoor’s sculpture pieces inspired me with this week’s artwork: plaster casting. For this art project, I went to the beach and used the sand and ocean water to help me with this experience. These pictures portray how my experience went as the plaster was hardening. Although my original intent wad to mold a hand, the deep hole I created eventually made me realize that plastering my foot would be the better option. Submerging my foot (and most of my leg) into the sand was quite cold; yet relaxing as it was an outlet to cool myself down from the pressures of school.
Two problems occurred during this art work. First, because I put my entire leg into the hole, pulling myself out was quite difficult. Second, the mixture between the plaster and water was not exactly proportionate- meaning that the plaster might’ve not harden properly. However, these two problems were mere theory as it did not actually happen.
My plaster turned out to be big. Although it does look similar to a foot, the plaster did not properly form my toes. I wanted to make my foot in a unique position, so what I did was curled it up so the heel would be distinguishable.

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