Wk 3 – Art Experience – Aaron Dela Rosa

This week the class explored “Snapchat” as we were told to create two images using the its various tool. It’s quite a unique experience to use Snapchat for a school assignment as I found the process fun/creative. Normally I use the social media app for storytelling and conversations; but utilizing it for art gives me a greater appreciation for Snapchat. Although I thought the assignment was going to be quick, I found myself putting in a lot of detail/effort into my work.
The two images on top are my original pieces. The picture on the left was taken at the school’s dining hall. Replacing many elements such as the foreground, ceiling lights, and chairs into various edible objects was inspired due to the fact I was in an environment with all sorts of foods. I wanted to have a hint to detail; so including some shading really helps the foods stand out. On the right, you will notice a “HELP” sign with three little pigs. Each pig has a different shade of pink to utilize as much Snapchat colors as I can. Located right next to the University Theatre, the setting inspired me to recreate the iconic characters of the “Three Little Pigs.”  
The following images are pieces that comes from one of my fellow classmates, Justin Marquez. Instead of utilizing the paint option, his pieces consist of standard text, emoji stickers, and geo-filters to compliment both images. On the right, the idea of put a jacket over the rabbit with “Lakers” hearts is quite funny. On the right, the yellow hand emojis goes really well the the sunset vibe; as the geo-filter allows the audience to know where he took the photo.

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