Wk 5 – Art Experience – Aaron Dela Rosa

This week, I was given a choice between three social topics to experiment: cuisine, couture, and coiffure. From the three, I chose to alter my hairstyle (coiffure) as I wanted to have a new appearance. For this project, I went and bought hair dye to alter my natural dark brown into a lighter brown hair tone. The choice of color was not only because of its style, but also because that color is considerably easier to do at home versus a dynamic color as it would require bleaching my hair. The pictures above are a documentation of my experience. To be quite honest, the results did not sway in my favor. The results of a “fully” light brown head requires 4-5 weeks of constant application for multi-dose conditioner. Although the immediate results were slightly noticeable, it was difficult to capture on camera.
Although the results were not as expected, the experience itself was quite enjoyable. I tried to emphasize the differences the best way possible with a “before” and “after affect to compare/contrast how my hair looks. The process took almost an hour as my eyes/scalp was burning from the experience. The process of coiffure allows me to gain a new understanding of coloring hair; especially since I have many people in my life who periodically alter their hair without knowing what it’s like.



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