Wk 6 – Art Experience – Aaron Dela Rosa

This week focuses on art that is constantly showcased, yet often overlooked: structures. California State University, Long Beach, provides a plethora of aesthetically pleasing structures that makes the University unique. Scattered across campus, students followed tour leaders in order to capture the essence of the school’s beauty through a “Photo Walk”. In my experience, my guide was Dorothy McMahon; as her directions routed us from the upper campus fountain all the way through the Japanese Flower Garden. Although there were two primary destinations, the journey itself provided a substantial amount of art throughout campus.
Our first journey leads to the upper campus fountain, called “Claire Falkenstein, U.S.A.”. This dynamic centerpiece of the fountain definitely stands out from the university. Its various curves and rough edges shows the complexity of the structure. While many students pass by this structure on the daily basis, few have recognized the worth of the fountain.  On the other hand, the destination was quite clever since it’s a nice stop from a long warm morning of walking across campus. The peace & tranquility of the garden provides comfort for the inner soul. However, in my opinion, the so called “tranquility” was ruined the moment several groups clashed at the same destination to take pictures. The photo walk gives me a new appreciation towards structures of the university as I often show little regard to this fine pieces.
Tour Guide: Dorothy McMahon

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