Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea L. Williams

Artist: Andrea L. Williams
Exhibition: Sacrifice 
Media: Clay, Paint, Texture, Ceramics, Mason Stain, etc.
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com/
Instagram: @andreawilliammms
Andrea L. Williams showcases her work at California State University, Long Beach. Williams is currently an undergraduate student at the university obtaining her BFA. Born and raised in Riverside, California, she has been doing art for a long time. Aside from her works, she is also interested in band as she plays the drums, animals, and babies. Her inspiration comes from the people close to her; especially her husband, family, and daughter. Expected to graduate this year, Williams’s work incorporates both her life experience alongside with her religion.
The majority of Williams’s work consists of ceramics. Her work shows a lot of dedication since it’s handmade: a process that takes about 1-2 weeks per piece. This can be seen considering the rigid features of various pieces: indicating authenticity and originality. The nature of her work shows a repetition on focusing the texture of her works. Many of her pieces (especially those adjacent to the wall) shows a “rugged” pattern: a style that compliments the art. In terms of color, the lack of saturation allows the audience to focus on the woman-figure for many of her pieces. The focus on the lighting and bright shade of white emphasizes the woman to be the main attention. Much of her sacrifice is evident as she put a lot of work into her gallery.
Williams’s pieces are not only a reflection of her life experiences, but also a representation of women’s and their experiences. As she claims to be a mother and how it’s a monumental element in her life, she takes motherhood as a huge component in her works. The ups and downs of motherhood is shown within her works: as the women are either seen giving life or suffering through it. Although she enjoys the life of motherhood, she shows the audience that it’s by no means easy as the women are portrayed struggling. For example, the hard work/ sacrifice women go through to care for the ones they love is transformed into a crucification to emphasize that idea. Her life journey is the experience that drives her into creating her pieces. The fact that her pieces reflects Christianity suggests her religion. She uses religion as a style of art in order to incorporate both her personal story alongside the general idea of women’s peak and pitfalls throughout life.
William’s work allows me to see her personal accomplishments in the form of art. Not only does the audience are allowed to delve into her story, many women can relate to her experience. Although the gift of motherhood is a blessing, the struggles of it is shown as some of her pieces are by no means “happy”. Her work is portrayed through a Roman Catholic style of art which suggests her religion as a major impact.  For the most part, I’m stunned/impressed by the types of events Williams experienced as she incorporated them into art.



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