Wk 8 – Art Experience – Aaron Dela Rosa

This week takes drawing into a whole new level as we expressed our energy / emotions onto the canvas. Drawing has been a staple to history for centuries, yet the way we express ourselves has been overlooked. For the assignment, my friend and I (Kristen Hernandez) paired up and drew whatever we felt at the moment. It was a lowlight setting, as each of us picked a desired color to work with. While Hernandez chose red, I decided to go for pink as it compliments her choice.
In all honesty, we laughed. I mean, we REALLY laughed during the assignment. Not only did we think it was weird, but it started to get uncomfortable since our knees were touching. The assignment itself took about 10 minutes. We “gradually” sped things up; especially when we got used to drawing with all four of our hands. While I wanted to a woman, my friend wanted to draw a koi. With out different expectations, we ended up with something drastically different. This experience has taught me to be able to express my emotions in paper. Although the way was definitely “interesting”, I have gained a new perspective on drawing considering how I ended up with the finished product.

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