Wk 10 – Art Experience – Aaron Dela Rosa

This week the class explored a fork of social media many of us use in today’s technological world: Instagram. What is it is basically an outlet for people to post their images/videos as a way to share their life to the world. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram posts stays intact. For the class, we had to post various Instagram posts in a single day with the hashtag, #art110s16. To be honest, posting more than 1 post in a single day seemed daunting to me primarily because of the fear of losing followers. However, I gradually got over it as the day progressed and repeatedly posting on my primary account.
The experience itself was fun for the most part. I hadn’t posted in a few weeks, so having that feeling of receiving likes (4 times?!) was quite enjoyable. After the “day of posting”, looking at the giant collage of classmates’ posts was quite something. The pictures had a monumental range from food, to work, to school, to art, and even to Disneyland. Looking over these posts made me feel like I was part of the shared experience. While some posts were aesthetically pleasing, others are quite entertaining and also gave me cravings. For the most part, I do see a distinct connection between my posts and my peers’ considering how most of us posted something relating to school. Because we have that in common, a sense of community can be drawn. A community of college students struggling to survive while also having the best times of their lives is a recurring theme while looking over the images. While Instagram does show a sense of disconnection between us and the real world, it also provides an outlet for people to share their experience in any given time of day.

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