Wk 12 – Art Experience – Aaron Dela Rosa

This week the class explored a trend that has been motivating people to be adventurous: geocaching. The assignment was to located a cache and then hide one as well. To be quite honest, this experience has got to be terrible. No blame to the practice, but when I tried to find a geocache, none of the items were there. At first, I was excited to find “treasure”. Yet in reality, a walk cross campus proved to be useless considering the fact we found nothing. As my friends and I looked for hours, we could not find any trinket despite the fact the app explicitly told us it was there. I’m sure in the future we will be better, but we were not able to find a single one for this assignment.
On the other hand, hiding an item was quite enjoyable. Instead of being the typical person who hides a tin with trinkets, I decided to place food and Yogurtland Coupons in the bottle for people to find. The coordinates are latitude 33.775138,  and longitude -118.114928. Deciding how the trinket would appear and what to put inside was the fun part. Knowing that people or even student might potentially find my item allows the trend to live on.

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