Wk 13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: N/A
Media: Plastic, cement, foam, plaster, wood, ceramics, etc.
Gallery: Gatov Gallery East
Website: N/A
Instagram: @nickbam4d
Nick Bamford showcases his ceramic skills at California State University, Long Beach. Under the ceramics program, he is currently an undergraduate student expected to obtain his BFA. Originating from Huntington Beach, Bamford was inspired by ceramics as a kid. However, he was truly driven to major in the arts during high school where he took a ceramics class.  He found interest as during the course as he wanted to make truly aspiring and unique pieces in the future. Aside from being an undergraduate student, Bamford enjoys a whole array of other activities such as being inventive through various outlets of art including paint and playing the guitar. Something noteworthy of Bamford is his creativity skills. His exhibition shows how he manages to incorporate random items while manipulating lights for a visual affect. Bamford’s pieces shows how different objects can come together to form a new context.
Bamford’s style allows him to create an exhibition that is certainly unique. The fact that he is able to manipulate various random objects and mash them together is the foundation of his works. For example, one of his favorite pieces, the once that incorporates a shopping cart is a whole mixture of random objects. From glowing lights to eyes, he managed to take an ordinary object and edit it into something extraordinary. The neon lights throughout the exhibit compliments his pieces. Adding different colors of lights ranging from blue to yellow allows the audiences to focus on certain aspects/views of the sculpture. Overall the items with the neon lights allowed for a colorful exhibit.
One main idea Bamford tries to portray through his work is the idea of trying new things. He shows how he isn’t worried of breaking the rules with his style of art. He manages to take things with original meanings into whole new contexts. For example, a skull generally represents death. However, he incorporates a skull by putting light under it. That being said, he is able to take the original meaning of the object and suggest a new idea on life. Because he bends the rules through mashing objects together, he shows how art can be an outlet to try new things. Each of his piece is a completely new & unique form of art as it incorporates entirely new objects while keeping the style of neon lights.
In my opinion, I personally enjoyed Bamford’s work. His style of art was quite unique as I thoroughly enjoyed the overall exhibit. The colorful neon lights and the absurd mashing of various objects what makes Bamford’s exhibit astounding. Because I like to try new things, the idea behind his work really resonates onto me. With the colorful personality like mine alongside with my tendency to try new things, in some ways his exhibition is a form of reflection on my life.



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