Wk 14 – Art Experience – Aaron Dela Rosa

This week the class explored one of the main fundamentals of art: drawing. Basically, instead of having the conventional routine of going to the galleries, we went to the Japanese Garden at California State University, Long Beach to sketch various scenery. We drew a total of six picture: three of them representational while the other half was abstract. The whole class drew under the sun while we walked around the garden to explore the many things we can draw.
In my experience, this was a fun & interesting assignment. Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies; so being able to exercise that for a class was definitely worthwhile. Drawing both representational and abstract had its pros and cons. For representational, although sketching it proved to be difficult, grabbing the idea of what to draw was a breeze. As for my abstracts, sketching it was easier yet getting an idea what to draw was the hard part. This assignment  not only honed my drawing skills, but also allowed me to explore my imagination in terms of drawing (especially when trying to create abstract sketches). Out of all the places throughout campus, the Japanese Garden was a good scenic environment to draw.



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