Wk 14- Artist Conversation- Chelsea Blecha

Name: Chelsea Blecha
Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic
Media: Drawing
Gallery: Gastov East Gallery
Website: chelseablecha.com
Chelsea Blecha showcases her drawing skills at California State University, Long Beach. As she is about to finish her time at CSULB, she loved & enjoyed her time as she became close to many people for the past 6 years. Upon graduation, she aspires to work at PIXAR yet going for a company illustration in order to achieve that goal. Her biggest inspiration was her mother considering how she was an artist. Her work is based on people and personality around her environment such as the iconic film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Her desire to pursue art began as a toddler when she first drew simple sketches; yet did not find the drive until high school. She uses art as a means to escape reality. Aside from being an art student, Blecha enjoys any things in life such as traveling, and skateboarding.
Blecha style of drawing showcases her ability & skills throughout the exhibition. Many of her pieces comprises of hybrids and quick sketches. She states how the length of her works range from minutes to days. For example, while her small sketches were fast-paced, other works took longer. In this case, her flower skateboard took her a considerable amount of time as it shows fine detail. She likes to base her works on the city of San Fransisco, which makes identifying a pattern noticeable.



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